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We are serving for the Development and Growth of deaf community since 1987. Development, Growth, Empowerment, Social Support and Deaf Education are our core values. 

Our Projects

Focusing every aspect of deaf life we are successfully running the following projects

We are here for the financial support to the needy deaf people, providing the moral support to stressed and mentally distress deaf and facilitate them in various necessary expenses for their children including school and transport fees to deserving students, giving monthly grocery to needy families, distributing hearing aids and medical expenses etc.

We believe in empowerment of deaf women . It was initiated to empower all Deaf Women to become productive for the society. This project helps deaf women to solve their social issues through Social Networking, learn technical knowledge and build various skills so that they can help their families and to get their rights i.e. Education.

DSLRG works on the development of various books related to the deaf education to ensure access to basic and modern information to the deaf people with ease. It has been working to design an educational system for the deaf community by introducing various books so that the quality of life of deaf can be enhanced. Development of curriculum in Sign language is the core objective of this project. Successfully this group has complied 22 Sign Language Books. Deaf from all over Pakistan are using our books.

Realizing the need of education for deaf in Pakistan, PAD established CENTER OF EXCELLENCE FOR DEAF for the educational and professional growth of Deaf. It is located in Korangi Mehran Town which has covered area of 240 Yards. The building consists of Basement, Ground and First Floor while on need basis two or more floors may be added. The building is fully furnished for school and other educational purposes including Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary School Classes, Vocational Trainings i.e. Tailoring, Embroidery, Cooking, Basic Computer, Graphic Designing, Computer Hardware and Mobile Repairing classes. We also offer Sign Language Interpreter Courses.

A qualified Interpreter is like our voice. In order to achieve our (Deaf) rights and goals every deaf need a qualified interpreter to communication with others , therefore we started Interpreter services for the deaf. Our interpreter service for the deaf (ISD) is running very successfully by our quality interpreters. ISD providing translator facility in a wide range of departments including, Medical (JMCH), Employment (NADRA) EDUCATION (Technical Board) meeting (Bahawalpur) Seminars (Sargodha) and legal (City Court hearing). We are also providing Sign Language Training Courses for new interpreters.

Social connectivity is very crucial if Deaf People want to be active and productive. PAD provides Marriage services to connect a Male and Female willing to be partner for life. In addition PAD provides Job Placement Services and become a bridge between Employer and a Deaf Employee need a Job.

Being a Deaf Advocate PAD Alhamdulillah has obtained a Right to Drive in 2019 from Sindh Assembly after a long effort for the rights of Deaf. PAD efforts still in progress to gain such right in all over Pakistan. PAD advocacy is not limited and we are working for SMS alert system for the emergency of Deaf like Fire, in Law & Order situation etc.

Becoming deaf physical active PAD members participate in all sports activities like Bowling, Cricket etc. Our members has won top positions in Bowling and cricket tournaments organized at all over Pakistan.

Becoming interactive within the country and internationally PAD works in connection with both National and international Organizations and PAD is a member of World Federation of Deaf and Global Deaf Muslims etc.

Welcome to Pakistan Association of the Deaf

Pakistan Association of the Deaf is the oldest organization working for the rights and serving deaf community since 1987. 

Pakistan Association of the Deaf is a non-profit organization which began in 1987 to help and support deaf community in solving their problems. The role of PAD is to empower, educate and develop leadership skills in deaf community and promote S.H.O (self help organization concept) in them.

We serve deaf community with the support of private sector, we rely heavily on the generosity of the community to help us continue to make a difference. If you would like to be part of this noble mission please come and join us. 


News & Announcement

Seminar on “Marriage realted affairs” by PAD’s women wing


On 2nd September 2006; Women wing of Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD) arranged a program for deaf persons and their families. There were two main objectives of this program.

  1. brining deaf families closer and to help in match making of deaf singles
  2. awareness raising about AIDS, Cousin marriage and marriage related issues 150 persons (42 families of the deaf) attended this program.

Ms. Shahida Ibrahim, Chairperson Women wing of PAD welcomed all guests and gave brief detail about the difficulties faced by deaf persons due to information inaccessibly. She also stressed that parents of deaf person should learn sign language and when arranging marriage must make sure that their son / daughter is happy with the decision.

Dr. Shehla Baqai delivered the speech on AIDS and related topics. Later, deaf persons and their families asked questions and said it was much informative event for them.

Seminar on “Information Accessiblity” in collaboration with APCD


On the July 10, 2006, Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD), in technical collaboration with Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD) arranged a seminar on Assistive Technologies, and information accessibility for the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), at Aga Khan University Hospital AKU Auditorium

More than 80 participants from different cross disabilities organizations from all over the Pakistan and students from universities of Karachi attended this seminar.

Right of Driving for Deaf Persons


On June 05, 2006, PAD arranged a seminar and walk on the issue of “right of driving for deaf persons”. Mr. Mansoor Majeed, General Secretary PAD, gave a brief introduction about association’s activities. Mr. Irfan Mumtaz, President PAD, said that deaf community is facing many problem because they are not allowed to drive.

Besides hundreds of Deaf participants, representatives from Home Dept., Traffic Police, Lawyer, and ENT specialist also attend the seminar.

Seminar on Web Accessiblity and Assistive Devices


On March 25, 2006, Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD) arranged an awareness raising seminar on web accessiblity and assistive devices. The aim of the seminar was to raise the awarenss about web accessiblity, and share the knowledge about web accessbility that we earned from APCD.

Mr. Noman Saigal – Advisor to Chief Minister on Information Technology was the chief Guest. Two assistive devices “talking hand” by Sir Syed University Students, and “Deaf AidCo” by a deaf member of PAD were presented.

16 – 20 March 2006 – Visit of Kashmir – Earthquake affected areas


On March 25, 2006, Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD) arranged an awareness raising seminar on web accessiblity and assistive devices. The aim of the seminar was to raise the awarenss about web accessiblity, and share the knowledge about web accessbility that we earned from APCD.

In March, President Irfan Mumtaz, General Secretary Mansoor Majeed, and Advisor / Special Projects Co-ordinator Muhammad Akram visited different areas (Kotli, Rawalkot, Bagh, Muzafrabad) of Kashmir. This Aim was to observe the situation of deaf community after earthquake, and to establish our network with deaf community of AJK.

Deaf Education

Center of Excellence for the Deaf established in 2018. Formally this project was Deaf Empowerment & Education Center which was established in 1987. The objective of this mission is to empower deaf through education and training. 


Since inception, PAD realized the importance of English Language for everyone. with the emergence of communication tools  like email, Chat, SMS. We are providing English language course for deaf students. 


The field of information technology is growing day by day. At PAD, computer related courses are taught by skilled I.T. professionals. Many students of DEEC have started their professional career after  completing computer classes. 


Cooking classes for Deaf women are held at PAD every Saturday. Knowledge about the accessories used in kitchen is also imparted to deaf women so that they would be able to explore their potentials.


Learning sign language is the basic right of every deaf individual. Unfortunately in Pakistan, sign language is not known to many deaf persons especially those residing in the rural areas. Our Deaf Sign Language Research Group - DSLRG is dedicated to the development of Sign Language Curriculum for deaf students.


Basic literacy program is designed for those who have never been to school. Main focus is on education. After the completion of course, students can take admission in schools or appear in test. This program is specially for adults.


Deaf people need sign language to communicate. Parents, teachers and others can become sign language interpreters. Deaf people face communication problem within their family, schools, universities, courts, office, hospitals and seminars etc. It is opportunity for hearing people to become Sign Language Interpreter be a voice of Deaf. They can also earn handsome amount by joining our project Interpreter Services for Deaf.

Managing Committee

Donors & Well Wishers

Here are the donors and well wishers who support us for the growth, development and success of the organization.