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Deaf Empowerment & Education Center

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PAD’s Education

Deaf Empowerment & Education Center

PAD’s Education
Deaf Empowerment & Education Center
Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD) established in 1987 is serving the CAUSE OF THE DEAF by imparting Education in Computer Literacy, English Language, Sign Language (PSL, ASL, and ISL), Vocational Training classes for women and Interpreter courses for hearing persons. PAD’s goal is to provide the best education possible for deaf people so that they may achieve their full potential in life.

English language class

English language class focuses on vocabulary building, grammar, communication and conversation etc.

Computer Classs

The field of Information Technology is growing day by day. We have updated computer systems, which can meet the requirement of students. At PAD, Professionals who are expert in the field of Computers teach courses to the students.

Adult Education

Adult education or Basic Literacy Program is designed for those who have never been to school. Main focus is on education. They could take admission in schools or appear in board exams and continue their studies. This would also help them in their future life.


Sign Language is the language of deaf. Deaf persons from all over Pakistan face many problems as their sign language is not so good. At PAD, we are trying to make new signs through research and imparting them to the deaf community. After learning sign language it is easy to go ahead in the field of education.


International Sign Language is gaining popularity in the world as it includes the signs from sign languages of different countries around the world. After learning I.S.L, it would be easy to communicate with deaf people around the world.


Deaf people use sign language to communicate. Parents, teachers and other people can become sign language interpreter. Deaf people face communication problem within their family, schools, universities, courts, office, hospitals, conference and seminars and at government offices etc. By becoming sign language interpreter you would be able to communicate with the deaf and can help them in finding solution of their problems.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is now a famous field in computer. It is used in newspapers, magazines, publications, brochures, hoardings, websites etc. Graphic designing helps a person to bring out his creativity. This course will help a person in getting job or earn a living by starting own business in the field of graphic designing. At PAD, Professional teacher working very well in this field teaches graphic designing.


For the first time in Pakistan, PAD is planning to start Leadership Training and Education course for the deaf. Deaf people do not have the specific idea about planning, organizing, business skills etc. This course will help deaf people to build leadership skills and gain confidence in their job and duties.


Women can learn to cook food of different countries of the world. They can adopt this as a hobby or profession.


At PAD, embroidery and tailoring classes are organized for the women. After having the skill, they can start their own business at local or international level and can earn a better living.


Every Saturday there is a gathering of women at PAD. In this gathering, women discuss religion issues, marriage related problems, counseling, exchange information, their rights etc. This helps them in their life and their problems can be solved.

News & Announcement

Seminar on “Marriage realted affairs” by PAD’s women wing


On 2nd September 2006; Women wing of Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD) arranged a program for deaf persons and their families. There were two main objectives of this program.

  1. brining deaf families closer and to help in match making of deaf singles
  2. awareness raising about AIDS, Cousin marriage and marriage related issues 150 persons (42 families of the deaf) attended this program.

Ms. Shahida Ibrahim, Chairperson Women wing of PAD welcomed all guests and gave brief detail about the difficulties faced by deaf persons due to information inaccessibly. She also stressed that parents of deaf person should learn sign language and when arranging marriage must make sure that their son / daughter is happy with the decision.

Dr. Shehla Baqai delivered the speech on AIDS and related topics. Later, deaf persons and their families asked questions and said it was much informative event for them.

Seminar on “Information Accessiblity” in collaboration with APCD


On the July 10, 2006, Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD), in technical collaboration with Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD) arranged a seminar on Assistive Technologies, and information accessibility for the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), at Aga Khan University Hospital AKU Auditorium

More than 80 participants from different cross disabilities organizations from all over the Pakistan and students from universities of Karachi attended this seminar.

Right of Driving for Deaf Persons


On June 05, 2006, PAD arranged a seminar and walk on the issue of “right of driving for deaf persons”. Mr. Mansoor Majeed, General Secretary PAD, gave a brief introduction about association’s activities. Mr. Irfan Mumtaz, President PAD, said that deaf community is facing many problem because they are not allowed to drive.

Besides hundreds of Deaf participants, representatives from Home Dept., Traffic Police, Lawyer, and ENT specialist also attend the seminar.

Seminar on Web Accessiblity and Assistive Devices


On March 25, 2006, Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD) arranged an awareness raising seminar on web accessiblity and assistive devices. The aim of the seminar was to raise the awarenss about web accessiblity, and share the knowledge about web accessbility that we earned from APCD.

Mr. Noman Saigal – Advisor to Chief Minister on Information Technology was the chief Guest. Two assistive devices “talking hand” by Sir Syed University Students, and “Deaf AidCo” by a deaf member of PAD were presented.

16 – 20 March 2006 – Visit of Kashmir – Earthquake affected areas


On March 25, 2006, Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD) arranged an awareness raising seminar on web accessiblity and assistive devices. The aim of the seminar was to raise the awarenss about web accessiblity, and share the knowledge about web accessbility that we earned from APCD.

In March, President Irfan Mumtaz, General Secretary Mansoor Majeed, and Advisor / Special Projects Co-ordinator Muhammad Akram visited different areas (Kotli, Rawalkot, Bagh, Muzafrabad) of Kashmir. This Aim was to observe the situation of deaf community after earthquake, and to establish our network with deaf community of AJK.


Donors & Well Wishers

Here are the donors and well wishers who support us for the growth, development and success of the organization.